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Our full anthology, in alphabetical order.

Where a link is shown, this takes you to programme details.
[P] takes you to available photographs.
Where [C] is shown, only a photograph of the programme cover is available.
[GC] indicates the generic programme cover used between 1973 and 1982.
NOTE: "A" and "The" have not been ignored in Productions listing order.
See also list of repeated productions and chronological listing.
All corrections gladly received.

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A Dickens' of a Night [P]
A Lady Mislaid (1956) [P]
A Lady Mislaid (1969)
A Letter From The General (1968)
A Letter From The General (1978)
A Murder Has Been Arranged
A Murder Is Announced [P]
A Programme Of Entertainment
A Revue (1968)
A Revue For You (1970)
A Show For You
A Voyage Round My Father [GC]
Absent Friends [P]
After September [P]
Aladdin (1953)
Aladdin (1957) [P]
Aladdin (1963)
Aladdin (1996) [P]
Alarms and Excursions [P]
Alice In Wonderland [GC]
Anynie, One, Two, Three [P]
Anybody For Murder? [P]
At the Sign of The Crippled Harlequin [P]


Baa Baa Black Sheep (1951) [P]
Baa Baa Black Sheep (1958)
Bedroom Farce [P]
Before the Party [P]
Blithe Spirit (1969)
Blithe Spirit (1995) [P]
Bonaventure [C]
Breath of Spring [P]
Brush with a Body [P]


Camelot [P]
Candied Peel [P]
Carousel [P]
Christmas Show including Harlequinade [P]
Cinderella (1951) [P]
Cinderella (1954) [P]
Cinderella (1965)
Cinderella, The Story of (1979) [GC]
Cinderella (2000) [P]
Confusions (1982) [GC]
Confusions (2004) [P]
Cranford [P]
Curtain Up on Murder [P]


Darling I'm Home! [P]
Day of Reckoning [P]
Dear Octopus (1974)
Dear Octopus (1983) [P]
Deckchairs 1 [P]
Deckchairs 2 [P]
Dick Whittington (1950)
Dick Whittington (1956) [P]
Dick Whittington (1962)
Dick Whittington (1992) [P]
Din Dins [P]
Distinguished Gathering (1950) [P]
Distinguished Gathering (1962)
Dry Rot [P]


Edwardian Supper Party
Enchanted April [P]
Entertaining Angels


Fete Accompli
Fete's Finale
Finian's Rainbow [P]


Goodnight, Mrs Puffin


Half A Sixpence [P]
Hans Andersen [P]
Happiest Days Of Your Life
Happy Families [P]
Haul For The Shore (1961)
Haul For The Shore (1969)
Hay Fever [P]
Hawk Island [P]
Hidden Truths [P]
Hobson's Choice [P]
How The Other Half Loves [C]


I Have Five Daughters [P]
I'll Get My Man [P]
It Runs In The Family [P]
It's Behind You! [P]


Jack & The Beanstalk [P]
Jack and the Beanstalk (1961)
Jane Eyre [P]
Just Between Ourselves [P]


Keeping the Home Fires Burning


Ladies in Retirement [GC]
Lettice and Lovage [P]
Little Red Riding Hood
London Suite [P]
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime [C]
Love Bites [P]


Mad Bess [P]
Man Alive (1965)
Man Alive (1977)
Man Alive (1998) [P]
Man of the Moment [P]
Mansfield Park
Midsummer Mink
Murder at Deem House [P]
Murder By Misadventure [P]
Murder By Request / A Flat and A Sharp
Murder Mistaken [C]
Murder On The Nile [P]
Murdered to Death [P]
Music Hall (1975) [P]
Music Hall (1977)
Music Hall (1980)
Music Hall Miscellany (1989) [P]
My Fair Lady [P]
Mystery At Blackwater
Mystery at Greenfingers [P]


Nothing But The Truth [P]
Nothing But The Truth (Act II - 1954) [P ]


Off The Hook
Old Tyme Music Hall [P]
Oliver! (1973) [C]
Oliver! (1984) [P]
On Monday Next [C]
Out Of Focus [P]
Outside Edge [P]


Pack Of Lies (1988) [C]
Pack Of Lies (2005) [P]
Party Piece [P]
Pickwick [P]
Play On! [P]
Playing For Time [P]
Plaza Suite [P]
Post Horn Gallop
Prescription for Murder [P]
Pride and Prejudice [P]
Proscenophobia [P]
Puss In Boots
Pygmalion [P]


Queen Elizabeth Slept Here
Quiet Wedding


Rebecca [P]
Rock-A-Bye, Sailor
Run For Your Wife [P]
Running Riot


Salad Days (1972) [C]
Salad Days (1982) [P]
School for Scandal [P]
Scrooge [C]
Season's Greetings [P]
Seventy Five Glorious Years [P]
Sinbad The Sailor (1959) [P]
Sinbad The Sailor (1971)
Sit Down A Minute Adrian
Sixty Glorious Years [P]
Soiree Musicale
Steel Magnolias [P]
Something Different (1953) [P]
Something Different? (2011) [P]
Song, Style & Supper [P]
St Laurence Minstrels [P]
Stepping Out [P]
Suddenly At Home [P]
Sweeney Todd [P]


Table Manners [P]
Ten Little Niggers
The Anniversary [C]
The Babes In The Wood (1958)
The Babes In The Wood (1975)
The Blue Goose [P ]
The Bride and the Bachelor [C]
The Dancing Years [P]
The Day After The Fair [P]
The Diary of Anne Frank [P]
The Forsyte Saga [P]
The Game's Afoot
The Geese Are Getting Fat
The God Who Comes
The Heartless Princess
The Hollow [P]
The House by the Lake [C]
The Man Who Stayed At Home [P]
The Middle Watch
The Odd Couple [P]
The Odd Couple (female version) [P]
The Orchard Walls
The Perfect Murder [P]
The Poltergeist [P]
The Railway Children [P]
The Same Sky
The Shop At Sly Corner (1953) [P]
The Shop At Sly Corner (1980) [GC]
The Vigil [C]
The White Sheep Of The Family [P]
The Wind in the Willows [P]
The Wizard of Oz (1977) [GC]
The Wizard Of Oz (1998)
This Happy Breed [P]
This Happy Breed (1967)
Three Into One Will Go [P]
Time and Time Again [P]
To Kill A Cat
Toad Of Toad Hall [P]
Triple Bill [GC]
Trivial Pursuits [P]
2 for 1 (Two for One) [P]


Viva Mexico [P]


Watch It, Sailor
Waters Of The Moon [P]
Waters Of The Moon (1965)
When We Are Married (1964)
When We Are Married (1979) [GC]
When We Are Married (1997) [P]
Where's Charley [GC]
Where the Rainbow Ends [GC]
Wild Goose Chase [P]
Wife after Death [P]

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