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by S.A. Polley and Conrad Carter

Directed by Hylda Darby
January 25, 1958

Fairy of Good Intent Susan Laxton
Ogbert ) The Baron's Arthur Caines
Egbert  ) Retainers Chris. Smith
Baron Hugo Bacque Harold Smith
Skribb (his Steward) Leigh Smith
Dame Truform (the old Woman
who lived in a shoe)
Gerald Collins
Jolijak (her eldest son) Ann Smith
A Sea Captain Peter Rowley
Dib      ) Anne Williams
Dolly    )  The Barbara Gibbeson
Lilli       )  Babes Peter Rowley
Skinna ) John Darby
Clarence (Dame Truform's husband) Peter Henson
Landlord of the Doodrop Inn Peter Rowley
Horse Helen Darby
  & Jane Laxton

Other parts played by:
Pat Wooderson, Beryl Edgson, Christina Lynn, Susan Rawes,
Jennifer Sanders, Marilyn Sanders, Margaret Leeson,
Michael Leeson, Mary Bouquet

Programme Notes

A pantomime in three acts.

At the Piano: Mrs. Bennett