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Five Interlinked One Act Plays
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by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Malcolm Bentote
May 13, 14 & 15, 2004

A Talk in the Park
Arthur Ritchard Tysoe
Beryl Sue Worker
Charles Brian Beeston
Doreen Barbara Williams
Ernest Mark Brown

Mother Figure
Lucy Patricia Hughes
Rosemary Ann Taggart
Terry Tag

Drinking Companion
Harry Mark Kimsey
Paula Alison Marshall
Bernice Emma Kimsey
Waiter Blair Taggart

Between Mouthfuls
Waiter Blair Taggart
Pearce David Bowers
Mrs. Pearce Dorothy Bentote


Mark Brown
Polly Sue Worker

Gosforth's Fete
Mrs. Pearce Dorothy Bentote
Milly Katy Clifton
Gosforth Ritchard Tysoe
Vicar Graeme Gibaut
Stewart Mark Kimsey

Programme Notes        [Photographs]

As with many plays by Alan Ayckbourn, beneath the comic veneer there lies a darker message and these five plays are no exception. In each of these plays at least one character and sometimes more could be described as lonely or neglected.

Five people meet on four park benches and converse. We then meet Lucy who spends so much time at home with the kids, that she's started to treat everyone - even the next door neighbours - like children. Her errant salesman husband, Harry, is miles away in an hotel, and has other things on his mind - namely, the charms of Paula and Bernice. Their waiter also has other concerns - the rapidly deteriorating relationships of diners Polly and Martin, and Mr and Mrs Pearce, for instance. Mrs Pearce is invited to open a village fete - but can't possibly have any inkling of the mayhem which is about to ensue.

Confusions was last performed by the Players twenty-two years ago. Some members of that cast are appearing again in this production! Can you spot them? Some of them were quite young then!

The cast list shows twenty-two characters. 'Confusions' is frequently performed with a cast of five. Tonight we bring you a cast of sixteen.

We hope you enjoy our production.