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by Ivor Novello

Directed by Graeme Gibaut
October 7, 8 & 9, 2004

Greta, a young girl

Victoria Bedford

Rudi Kleber, a composer

Duncan Sykes

Hatti, a housekeeper

Barbara Williamsn


Valerie Clarke


Sue Worker


Dorothy Bentote


Laura Davenport

1st man


2nd Man

Malcolm Bentote

Franzell, a young officer

Mark Brown

Maria Zeigler, an operetta star

Emma Kimsey

Prince Charles Metterling

Brian Beeston

Cacille Kurt, a music teacher

Jo Williams

Otto Breitkopf, a composer

Malcolm Bentote

Ceruti, a tenor

Ian Archer

Countess Lotte

Trisha Hughes

Maria's dresser

Laura Davenport

Hans, a waiter


Carl, Maria's son

Jack Haynes

Programme Notes       [Photographs]


David Ivor Davies was born in Cardiff in January 1893. He was taught how to play the piano and given singing lessons by his mother, Madame Clara Novello.

At the age of ten he won a scholarship to Magdelen College School in Oxford and sang in the famous school choir. He was the leading boy soprano soloist until his voice broke at the age of sixteen years.

Ivor Novello, as he was now known, began writing songs at an early age. The first to be published, called "Spring of the Year", was written when he was sixteen years old.

His ambition, however, was to go on the stage, much against the wishes of his mother! He continued to compose music and write songs and his big break came in 1914. He composed the music for a patriotic song, "Till the Boys Come Home", later to be called "Keep the Home Fires Burning". This song made Ivor Novello a household name and was his biggest success so far.

During the war Ivor served in the Royal Air Force and then in the Air Ministry. After the war Ivor visited America, a trip that eventually would lead to a very successful film career.

In 1935, Ivor's first musical play, "Glamorous Nights", was produced at Drury Lane Theatre and became an instant success. This was followed by "Careless Rapture" and "Crest of a Wave". Then, in 1939, "The Dancing Years" opened at the Drury Lane Theatre and ran intermittently for ten years! It has been said that Ivor's greatest musical success of all was -

"The Dancing Years".