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by Noel Coward

Directed by Hylda Darby
May 5 & 6, 1967

Mrs. Flint (Frank's Mother-in-Law) Marjorie Howard
Ethel (his wife) Audrey Coates
Sylvia (his sister) Jean Jungreuthmayer
Frank Gibbons Leigh Smith
Bob Mitchell Wally Durston
Reg        ) Simon Watson
Queenie )  Frank's children Pat Beeston
Vi           ) Anne Henson
Sam Leadbetter Malcolm Bentote
Phyllis Slake Anne Morgans
Edie (a Maid) Dorothy Bentote
Billy Peter Henson

Programme Notes

A play in three acts and nine scenes.

Location: The dining-room of the Gibsons' house, No. 17 Sycamore Road Clapham Common.

Act 1: Jun. 1919, Dec. 1925, May 1926
Act 2: Oct. 1931, Nov. 1931, May 1932
Act 3: Dec. 1936, Sep. 1938, Jun. 1939.