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A Comedy

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by Neil Simon

May 8, 9 & 10, 2008

Act I

Settling Accounts
Directed by Dorothy Bentote
Brian Mark Kimsey
Billy Malcolm Bentote

Going Home
Directed by Estelle Dunham
Lauren Sue Worker
Mrs. Semple Valerie Clarke

Act II

Diana & Sidney
Directed by Estelle Dunham
Diana Valerie Clarke
Grace Bieneke Barwick
Sidney Mark Kimsey

The Man on the Floor
Directed by Dorothy Bentote
Mark Duncan Sykes
Annie Bieneke Barwick
Mrs. Sitgood Ann Taggart
Bellman Tag
Dr. McMerlin Ritchard Tysoe

Programme Notes        [Photographs]

The action takes place in siting room and bedroom of Suite 402 of an old but fashionable hotel in London.
Time: The present

About the play

London Suite is a comedy consisting of four separate plays, all taking place in the same hotel suite.

Settling Accounts
In Suite 402 we meet Brian, a Welsh writer, and Billy his accountant.
Brian is holding a gun and Billy is clutching a briefcase. During the course of the play we discover the reason for this behaviour

Going Home
In the second play, mother and daughter come to London to from the United States to "shop til they drop". Mother goes to the theatre with Dennis who has two big problems - his penchant for top-down Ferraris and an unfortunate habit of "snorting" due to an allergy.

Diana & Sidney
The third play sees Diana, who has come to London to from Los Angeles to promote her television series, meeting up with Sidney, her ex-husband. She hasn't seen him for eight years. Two problems - Sidney needs money to help his lover and Diana has never really got over the great love of her life.

The Man on the Floor
In the last play, Annie and Mark arrive in London to attend Wimbledon but find they have lost their tickets. Mayhem follows with visits from the hotel associate manager, an Irish doctor and the bellman

About the author

Neil Simon was born in New York in 1927 and is, after William Shakespeare, the most performed playwright of all time. He began his career as a television comedy writer but has since written over forty plays, including The Odd Couple (Players - May 2003) and Plaza Suite (Players - October 2005). Many have been made into successful films.

His plays are known for their family-based settings, where often world-weary characters use comic one-liners to hide heartbreak and disillusion.