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A Comedy in Three Acts

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by Neil Simon

Directed by Dorothy Bentote
October 6, 7 & 8, 2005

Act I   Visitor From Mamaroneck

Bellhop Mark Brown
Karen Nash Valerie Clarke
Waiter Graeme Gibaut
Sam Nash Ritchard Tysoe
Jean McCormack Katy Clifton

Time: About four in the afternoon, mid-December.

Act II   Visitor From Hollywood

Waiter Graeme Gibaut
Jesse Kiplinger Ritchard Tysoe
Muriel Tate Tricia Hughes

Time: About three in the afternoon on a warm, sunny, spring day.

Act III   Visitor From Forest Hills

Norma Hubley Estelle Dunham
Roy Hubley Malcolm Bentote
Borden Eisler Mark Brown
Mimsey Hubley Katy Clifton

Time: Three o'clock on a warm Saturday afternoon in Spring.

Programme Notes        [Photographs]

The action takes place in Suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel, New York.
Time: The late 1960s

About the play

Plaza Suite is a comedy consisting of three separate plays, all taking place in the same hotel suite.

In the first play, a middle-aged couple return to the hotel suite where they spent their honeymoon but the stay does not turn out quite as expected.

The second play tells of the meeting of two former high school sweethearts and of what can happen under the influence of Hollywood and Vodka Stingers.

In the last play, a mother and father frantically try to persuade their daughter, locked in the bathroom, to come out for her wedding.

About the author

Neil Simon was born in New York in 1927 and is, after William Shakespeare, the most performed playwright of all time. He began his career as a television comedy writer but has since written over forty plays, including Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple and Plaza Suite. Many have been made into successful films.

His plays are known for their family-based New York settings, where often world-weary characters use comic one-liners to hide heartbreak and disillusion.