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by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade

Directed by Hilda Darby
Musical Director: David Brown

February 4 & 5, 1972

(in order of appearance)
The Tramp Malcolm Bentote
Jane Jean Jungreuthmayer
Timothy Peter Henson
      Brian Beeston Barbara Williams
      Johnny Sturman Anne Henson
      Stephen Taylor Pamela Brown
      John Darby Marion Edwards
Timothy's Mother Iris Castles
Timothy's Father Brian Beeston
Aunt Prue Wyn Brion
Lady Raeburn Audrey Coates
Heloise Wyn Brion
Assistant Pamela Brown
Manicurist Marion Edwards
P.C. Boot John Darby
Rowena Anne Henson
The Bishop Wally Durston
Troppo Johnny Sturman
Fosdyke Stephen Taylor
Sir Clamsby Williams Brian Beeston
Inspector Wally Durston
Nigel Stephen Taylor
Manager Brian Beeston
Fiona Barbara Williams
Tom Smith Malcolm Bentote
Waitress Pamela Brown
Slave Marion Edwards
Augustine Williams Wally Durston
Asphynxia Iris Castles
Ambrose Wally Durston
Marguerite Wyn Brion
Anthea Iris Castles
Electrode Wally Durston
Uncle Zed Brian Beeston

Programme Notes        [Programme cover]

A musical in two acts and twenty scenes.