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In researching a history of St.Lawrence Church, Jean Gibson has unearthed some early information previous to the 1948 starting date of the current St. Lawrence Players. She has kindly passed it along to us and it is summarised here.

St Lawrence Players
1935 Epiphiany Mystery Play Jun 9, 10 (Wed, Thu)
1936 Holy Nativity Jun 15, 16 (Wed, Thu)
1937 Items at Parish Social Jun 6 (
1938 'The Wrong Flat' short play at Parish Social Jan 5

led to formation of

St Lawrence "Mummers"
1938 'The Man on the Sofa' and 'The Old Geyser' Apr 27
'Pearly Pearls' Dec 10 (Sat)
1939 'Too Many Brides' and 'Matrimonial Agent' Apr 15 (Sat)
1940 Activities suspended

St Lawrence Juvenile Players
formed after success of Christmas Play, January 1945
1945 'Alice in Wonderland' (scenes from) Jun 23 (Summer Fete - Miss Angell)
Two scenes from 'Alice' and concert items July ? - Miss Angell
'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Darkie Lord' Nov 3 (afternoon & evening)
1946 Nativity Play (series tableaux) - Jan 26 (afternoon & evening)
Show (no title) May 25
Mystery Play Dec 22 - Miss Angell
1947 'The Butler's Dream' and 'Gypsies O' May 10 (Sat afternoon & evening)
Mystery Play Dec ?
'The Sleeping Beauty' Dec ? / Jan 1948

Chronological listing from 1948