Justin Grant

Justin Grant

Member from 1995 to present


I Joined Players in 1995 helping to design and build two back gardens for a play called Party Piece. I remember a group of us walking along the top of Eastcote with a fence panel and garden shed to use as set pieces. After that I was involved in creating sets for haunted houses, caves, shops and hotel rooms. I built props, from ouija boards, open backed safes to old fashioned cameras and futuristic electronic bottle openers. I was on stage a couple of times but spent most of the time hiding round the back as stage manager. In 2004 I designed the poster for Murder by Misadventure and then went on to design the posters for seven more plays. I made lots of friends and in 2006 married Katy. We've both since left but wish players all the best for the future.

Appearances as cast

Justin has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
1996 Play On! Removal Man