Barbara Higgs

Barbara Higgs

Member from 1986 to present


I joined Players in the mid 1980s as a member of the 'back stage' team dealing with props. I have always strived for authenticity, for example, a real bow and arrow for Camelot, loaned by a Hillingdon archery club. Creature props have been made but I did buy a whole conga eel for Darling I'm Home. Between rehearsals it snoozed in my freezer and was awoken when required! As many plays require various drinks I have become quite adept at making 'sherry”, 'brandy”, 'whisky” etc. not, I should add, to the connoisseur's taste. I enjoy the great camaraderie backstage.

Appearances as cast

Barbara has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
2018 It's Behind You! Cast member
2015 Mad Bess Mad Bess Villager
1993 Sixty Glorious Years Caterer
1993 Sixty Glorious Years Properties