Mad Bess

by Mark Kimsey

Director - Mark Kimsey

Composer - Duncan Sykes

Musical Director - Duncan Sykes

Mad Bess - Estelle Dunham

Mad Bess Villager - Joy Allcock

Mad Bess Villager - Dorothy Bentote

Mad Bess Villager - Barbara Higgs

Mad Bess Villager - Diane Maltz

Mad Bess Villager - Alison Marshall

Mad Bess Villager - Iris Mutton

Mad Bess Villager - Ann Sykes

Mad Bess Villager - Ann Taggart

Village Child - Thomas McCarthy

Village Child - Adam Rayment

Village Child - Alex Rawles

Village Child - Joseph Rawles

Village Child - Dolcie Reader

Village Child - Jackson Reader

Village Child - Louie Reader

Sister Mary - Sue Worker

Sister Theresa - Emma Kimsey

Abbot Herluin - Lionel Williams

Woodman - Duncan Sykes

Mary Brill - Jo Williams

Joan Skillett - Marian Lally

John Brill - Rhodri Leach

Henry Skillett - Ben Williamson

James Bray - Mark Kimsey

Thomas Lavender - Graeme Gibaut

Charles Lamb - David Bowers

Mr Churchill - Malcolm Bentote

Chorister - Gwenllian Leach

Executioner - Tag

Stirling - Roy Oldfield

Dagnall - Valerie Clarke

Mrs Meadows - Alison Wyatt

Dr Pattern - Brian Beeston

Jury Foreman - Barbara Williams

Lily May - Dolcie Reader

A play based upon true events that occurred many years ago, deep within Ruislip Woods

The play is set in the spring of 1837 and tells the story of an innocent farm labourer called John Brill. One day whilst exploring the woodlands, John and his dear friend, Henry Skillett, came across three peasants as they were out poaching. Caught red-handed, the poachers had no choice but to adminster 'summary justice'. However, in doing so, they disturbed Mad Bess!

Who was Mad bess? A headless horsewoman, a lost soul, or a demented old woman who prowled the woods? Wait and see...

If you wish to investigate the story further, please take a stroll around the woodlands of Ruislip. For, if you look carefully, you will find John Brill's house in Breakspear Road and, if you dare enter the woods themselves, you may find Mad Bess cottage, standing ominously at the edge of the trees.

But, if you do enter the woods, be careful - you never know who might be there!