Malcolm Bentote

Malcolm Bentote

Member from 1967 to present


I made my debut as Sam Leadbetter in This Happy Breed in May 1967 and have appeared regularly since then. My first leading part was in Haul for the Shore. My favourite musicals are Salad Days and Pickwick. My claim to fame is that I have appeared as both Lord Arthur Savile (at Cannonbury Players) and as Baines (his man) in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.

Appearances as cast

Malcolm has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
2022 Ladies' Day Barry
2020 The Wind in the Willows Albert, a horse
2019 Happy Birthday Me Sir Leo Buchanan
2019 The Perfect Murder Dr Mallins
2018 It's Behind You! Cast member
2017 The Game's Afoot (or Holmes for the Holidays) Felx Geisel
2017 Enchanted April Mellersh Wilton
2016 Entertaining Angels Bardolph (Grace's husband)
2015 Mad Bess Mr Churchill
2015 Prescription for Murder Allan Haigh
2014 The Diary of Anne Frank Mr Van Daan
2013 Trivial Pursuits Nick
2012 Before the Party Aubrey Skinner
2012 Bedroom Farce Ernest
2011 Code Of The West Mayor of Fate
2011 Mystery at Greenfingers Arnold Jordan
2011 Monologues and Sketches Gooseberry
2011 At the Sign of The Crippled Harlequin Lionel Reece
2010 Out Of Focus Bob Enfield
2009 Jane Eyre Briggs
2009 Anybody for Murder? George Ticklewell
2009 Grandma's Photograph Mr Stott
2009 The Recruitments Player
2008 Seventy Five Glorious Years Player
2008 Din Dins Robert
2008 Settling Accounts Billy
2007 George's Room Man
2007 Day of Reckoning Geoffrey Morris (Vicar)
2006 Just Between Ourselves Dennis
2006 Visitor from Forest Hills Roy Hubley
2005 Pack Of Lies Bob Jackson
2004 The Dancing Years 2nd Man
2004 The Dancing Years Otto Breitkopf, a composer
2004 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson
2003 The Odd Couple Murray
2003 Happy Families Jack
2003 Time and Time Again Graham
2002 Run For Your Wife Det. Sgt. Porterhouse
2002 Rebecca Giles Lacy
2002 Season's Greetings Neville
2001 Toasters Speaker
2001 Alarms and Leavings John
2000 The Day After The Fair Arthur Harnham
1999 Dawn On Our Darkness Herod
1999 I'll Get My Man The Bishop of Lax
1998 The Wizard Of Oz Lord Growlie
1998 Forsyte Saga James
1998 Man Alive Mr Hathaway
1998 The Wizard Of Oz Farmhand
1997 Wild Goose Chase Capone
1997 When We Are Married Councillor Albert Parker
1997 Song, Style & Supper Player
1996 Absent Friends Paul
1996 Play On! Henry Benish ('Lord Dudley')
1995 Blithe Spirit Charles
1995 Carousel Jigger Craigin
1994 Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd
1993 Pickwick Tracey Tupman
1993 Darling I'm Home! Rupert Johns
1993 Sixty Glorious Years Cast Member
1992 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Baines, the butler
1992 Dick Whittington Sheik Dabottal
1992 Table Manners Tom
1991 Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bennet
1990 Murder at Deem House Superintendent Forrest
1986 Parochial Problems Mr Griffiths
1984 Oliver! Dr. Grimwig
1983 The Vigil The Gardner - the Defendant
1982 Gosforth's Fete Gosforth
1982 Pygmalion Doolittle
1982 Salad Days The Tramp
1982 Salad Days Tom Smith
1981 Celebration Frank Broadbent (Her Uncle)
1980 The Shop At Sly Corner Corder Morris
1979 When We Are Married Councillor Albert Parker
1978 A Voyage Round My Father Headmaster
1978 A Voyage Round My Father George
1978 A Letter From The General Father Schiller
1978 The Heartless Princess The Chancellor, a pompous administrator
1977 The Wizard of Oz Joe
1977 The Wizard of Oz Farmhand
1976 Weatherwise Rev'd Harold Basset Monica's husband
1976 Off The Hook Harold Spook
1976 Where the Rainbow Ends Monsieur Bertrand, a curio dealer
1975 The Babes In The Wood Clarence (her Husband)
1975 The Babes In The Wood Children, Villager, Townspeople, Tradespeople, Bathing Girl/Boy, etc
1973 Quiet Wedding Jim Brent (Marcia's husband)
1973 Oliver! Dr. Grimwig
1972 Happiest Days Of Your Life Edgar Sowter
1972 Salad Days Tom Smith
1972 Salad Days The Tramp
1971 Sinbad The Sailor The Old Man of the Sea
1970 A Murder Has Been Arranged Cavendish
1969 A Lady Mislaid George (Jennifer's fiance)
1969 Haul For The Shore Richard Pengelly (Jem's nephew)
1968 Running Riot Bruchik
1967 This Happy Breed Sam Leadbetter
1967 Goodnight, Mrs Puffin Roger Vincent

Behind the scenes

Malcolm has worked behind the scenes of these productions.

Year Show Role
2004 Confusions Director
2001 Murdered to Death Director