The Wind in the Willows

by Alan Bennett

Director - Duncan Sykes

Mole - Dan Bishop

Rat - Robert Flach

Toad - Matthew Moulder

Badger - Luke Pedley

Otter - Sue Worker

Albert, a horse - Malcolm Bentote

Portly, an otter - Sofia Zachpoulos-Butler

Portly, an otter - Joe Rawles

Roberta, a rabbit - Gwenllian Leach

Rose, a rabbit - Angela Charles

Ronaldina, a rabbit - Dorothy Bentote

Herbert, a hedgehog - Audrey Wright

Herbert, a hedgehog - Alison Wyatt

Small rabbit - Grace Chandler

Small rabbit - Hope Chandler

Small rabbit - Sofia Zachpoulos-Butler

Small squirrel - Hannah McCarthy

Small squirrel - Dolcie Reader

Small hedgehog - Thomas McCarthy

Small hedgehog - Joe Rawles

Chief weasel - Mark Kimsey

Norma, a weasel - Emma Kimsey

Gerald, a ferret - Graeme Gibaut

Fred, a ferret - Roy Oldfield

Fox - Jo Williams

Ian, a stoat - Sue Worker

Small weasel - Thomas McCarthy

Small weasel - Joe Rawles

Parkinson, a car salesman - John Chrzczonowicz

Motorist Rupert - Lionel Williams

Motorist Monica - Barbara Williams

Magistrate - Brian Beeston

Clerk of the Court - Estelle Dunham

Police officer - Alison Marshall

Police officer - Garry Marshall

Gaoler's daughter - Charlotte Kimsey

Washerwoman - Alison Wyatt

Train driver - Marian Lally

Barge woman - Valerie Clarke

Gypsy - Diane Maltz

The Wind in the Willows, adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett was first performed in 1990. It has, however, been over 100 years since its publication in 1908.

The story can be read on many levels but I like to think that, above all, it is a story of friendship. It's therefore entirely appropriate for our latest St Lawrence Players' production, as ours is also a story of friendship over many years!