The Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum; Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg; Music by Harold Arlen

Director - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Piano - David Brown

Piano - Betty Timberlake

Lyrics - E Y Harburg

Dorothy - Alison Brion

Aunt Em - Beryl Orders

Witch of the West - Iris Castles

Sorceress of the North - Barbara Williams

Gloria - Cindy Jungreuthmayer

A Lady of Oz - Angela Dew

First Visiting Witch - Anne Morgans

Second Visiting Witch - Dorothy Bentote

Uncle Henry - Brian Beeston

Joe - Malcolm Bentote

Tibia - Ken Freckleton

Mayor (Munchkin) - Duncan Sykes

Farmer's Wife (Munchkin) - Sue Worker

Barrister (Munchkin) - Kim Jungreuthmayer

Coroner (Munchkin) - Jane Allcock

Scarecrow - Anton Jungreuthmayer

Tinman - Derek Allcock

Lion - Chris Thomas

First General - Judith Howe

A Private - Philip Williams

Lord Growlie - Bob Hopson

Jitterbug - Sarah Allcock

Jitterbug - Helen Beeston

Jitterbug - Mara Henson

Jitterbug - Sarah Henson

Jitterbug - Anne Morgans

Jitterbug - Sue Worker

Spectre - Ann Henson

Spectre - Kim Jungreuthmayer

The Wizard of Oz - Brian Beeston

Farmhand - James Beeston

Farmhand - Dorothy Bentote

Farmhand - Malcolm Bentote

Farmhand - Matthew Bentote

Munchkin - Win Brion

Munchkin - Stephen Cox

General - Leon Jungreuthmayer

General - Ann Sykes

Lady of Oz - Emma Kimsey

Lady of Oz - Judith White

Gentleman of Oz - Gilliam White

Lady of Oz - Jo Williams