Win Brion

Win Brion

Member from 1970 to present


When I began to think about writing this article, so many names from the past came to mind. There are far too many to mention here, but I have selected a few which I am sure will be familiar to other people: Iris Castles, Audrey Coates, Stan Cook, Janet Ford, Pat Harper, Peter Henson, Bob Hopson, Jean Jungreuthmayer, Ann Morgans, Ann and Leigh Smith. These, along with others we all remember, acted with St. Lawrence Players, but there are several people who supported us in various ways. For example, Joan Swanson, who was our prompt for many years. I remember an occasion when I was on stage with just one other person (who shall remain nameless) when we found ourselves performing in the wrong act. Eventually, poor Joan gave up in despair and we had to work our own way out of the mess, hoping the members of the audience were not lost in the process. Then there were David Brown and Ted Edwards who used to accompany us on the piano – or sometimes on two pianos – in the days when we put on pantomimes and musical productions. Some of these called for very large casts and could lead to a somewhat overcrowded dressing room. We all needed to keep a clear passageway between the stage and the dressing room so that anyone needing a quick costume change could make a frantic dash in each direction. Marjorie Howard was a marvel, with a keen eye for colour and style when it came to providing costumes. Particularly spectacular were the fantastic hats which she fashioned for the ladies appearing in musicals or costume dramas. Players have always been responsible for designing and creating their own sets. I have a fond memory of Wally Durston patiently showing me how to paint a brick wall on a backcloth which was laid out on the hall floor, with both of us kneeling surrounded by various paints and brushes. We have had a multitude of happy occasions within Players, but there have been some sad times too. One of these was when Derek Allcock died suddenly, just as we were about to present 'Carousel'. His wife, Joy, and his family bravely insisted that we should carry on with the performances. As Derek would have said, 'The show must go on,' – and it did! I have left until last one of the stalwarts of the Players, Hylda Darby, who made me very welcome when I joined the group. For many years she directed every production and made a great success of doing so. She was quite thorough in observing details within a play. When we were rehearsing 'A Letter from the General”, she asked all the ladies to wear headscarves. This was because we were playing the part of nuns and needed to practice because we would be wearing wimples, which could impede our hearing during the performance. I joined Players in 1969, since when I have appeared in more than 50 productions and directed 3 plays, one musical and an old time music hall. I particularly enjoyed writing two pantomimes for Players – Aladdin, produced in 1996 and Cinderella, our millennium production in 2000. It was great to have everybody's support for these and Aladdin's cave and Cinderella’s coach were masterpieces of invention by our stage crew. These days I am more likely to be seen selling programmers than appearing on stage, which is much less stressful than learning all those words. Rehearsals can be hard work for both actors and directors, but performances can bring great satisfaction to everybody involved. This trip down Memory Lane has helped to remind me what a rewarding time I have spent among friends in St. Lawrence Players.

Appearances as cast

Win has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
2018 It's Behind You! Cast member
2011 Monologues and Sketches Just In Case
2006 After September Miss Fisher (Molly - Maths)
2004 Hobson's Choice Mrs. Hepworth
2001 Glassnost Baroness Armament
1998 Forsyte Saga Hester
1998 The Wizard Of Oz Second Witch
1997 When We Are Married Mrs Northrop
1996 Play On! Geraldine 'Gerry' Dunbar
1995 Party Piece Mrs Hinson
1994 The Anniversary Mum
1993 Pickwick Chorus
1993 Sixty Glorious Years Tap Choreography
1993 Sixty Glorious Years Cast Member
1992 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Lady Julia Merton, Sybil's mother
1991 Pride and Prejudice Mrs. Bennet
1991 My Fair Lady Mrs Higgins
1990 Stepping Out Sylvia
1990 Hans Andersen Chorus
1989 Music Hall Miscellany Player
1989 Brush with a Body Sybil Walling, the mother
1989 Finian's Rainbow Maude
1988 Camelot Lady of Camelot
1986 Clara's on the Curtains Mrs Mabel Claythorpe
1986 Scrooge Ghost of Christmas Past
1985 A Murder Is Announced Miss Marple
1985 Half A Sixpence Mrs Botting
1983 Dear Octopus Dora Randolf
1983 Viva Mexico Mama Inez
1982 Salad Days Heloise
1982 Between Mouthfulls Mrs. Pearce
1982 Salad Days Aunt Prue
1982 Salad Days Marguerite
1981 Celebration Rhoda Lucas (Her Mother)
1980 The Shop At Sly Corner Mathilde Heiss
1979 The Same Sky Momma Brodsky
1979 The Story of Cinderella Tilda Hardup
1978 A Voyage Round My Father Mother
1978 A Letter From The General Sister Lucy
1977 The Wizard of Oz Munchkin
1976 It Won't Be A Stylish Marriage Mrs Bell
1976 It Won't Be A Stylish Marriage Mrs Bell
1976 Off The Hook Norah Catchpole
1976 Where the Rainbow Ends Dunks, his chief minister
1975 The Babes In The Wood Ballet of Rabbits, Robins, Squirrels & Fairies
1975 The Babes In The Wood Children, Villager, Townspeople, Tradespeople, Bathing Girl/Boy, etc
1975 The Babes In The Wood Ermintrude
1975 The Orchard Walls Christine Muir MA, Principal
1975 Temptation Sordid (Music Hall) Performed by
1974 Dear Octopus Edna Randolf (Hugh's Mother)
1974 Midsummer Mink Miss Elizabeth Hatfield
1973 Quiet Wedding Mildred Royd (the Bride's mother)
1973 Ladies in Retirement Emily Creed
1973 Oliver! Mrs Bedwin
1972 The House by the Lake Stella
1972 Soiree Musicale The family
1972 Happiest Days Of Your Life Mrs peck, his wife
1972 Salad Days Heloise
1972 Salad Days Marguerite
1972 Salad Days Aunt Prue
1971 Sinbad The Sailor Alibad (a scoundrel)
1971 Sinbad The Sailor A Baby Elephant
1971 The Bride and the Bachelor Miss Bowden
1970 A Murder Has Been Arranged Mrs. Wragg

Behind the scenes

Win has worked behind the scenes of these productions.

Year Show Role
2000 The Day After The Fair Director
1999 Waiting Director
1986 The Pigeon with the Siver Foot Director
1984 On Monday Next Director