The Story of Cinderella

by Ronald Parr; Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

Director - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Piano - David Brown

Prince Charming - Philip Williams

Dandini - David Cresswell

Baron Hardup - Derek Allcock

Buttons - Kim Jungreuthmayer

Rudolf, ex-King of Pandemonia - Derek Allcock

Hon. Hilda Hardup - Iris Castles

Tilda Hardup - Win Brion

Cinderella - Sarah Allcock

Betty Blunders, his sister - Janet Sykes

Miss Mabel Mabb, M.A. - Barbara Williams

Fairy Fay - Anne Morgans

Dew Drop-off, a very sleepy fairy - Kim Jungreuthmayer

Frou-Frou, a very naughty French fairy - Angela Dew

Gossamer Gorm, a silly fairy - Dorothy Bentote

Bilge, a friendly elf - Bob Hopson

actually The Story of Cinderella