Happiest Days Of Your Life

by EJohn Dighton

Director - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Dick Tassell, Assistant Master at Hilary Hall - Stephen Taylor

Rainbow, School Porter and Groundsdman - Wally Durston

Rupert Billings, Senior Assistant Master at Hilary Hall - Peter Henson

Godfrey Pond, Headmaster of Hilary Hall - Leigh Smith

Miss Evelyn Whitchurch, Principal of St. Swithin's School for Girls - Beryl Orders

Miss Gossage, Senior Assistant Mistress at St. Swithin's - Ann Smith

Hopcraft Mi, Pupil at Hilary Hall - Anton Jungreuthmayer

Barbara Cahoun, Pupil at St. Swithin's - Judith Howe

Joyce harper, Assistant Mistress at St. Switin's - Pam Brown

The reverend edward peck - John Holmes

Mrs peck, his wife - Win Brion

Edgar Sowter - Malcolm Bentote

Mrs Sowter, his wife - Iris Castles