Leigh Smith

Leigh Smith

Member from 1948 to present

Appearances as cast

Leigh has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
1984 On Monday Next Norwood Beverley
1984 Oliver! Fagin
1983 Dear Octopus Charles Randolf
1983 The Vigil The Nightwatchman
1983 The Vigil Mr. Pinchas - a Shopkeeper
1983 The Vigil Sadoc - a Deputy
1975 The Drunkards Dilimma (Music Hall) Performed by
1975 Alice, where art thou (Music Hall) Performed by
1975 The Orchard Walls Godfrey Pritchard
1975 The Babes In The Wood Baron Hugo Bacque
1974 Midsummer Mink Brigadier Albert Rayne, CB., CMG., MVO
1974 Where's Charlie Jack Chesney, a student at Oxford
1973 Quiet Wedding Denys Royd (the Bride's brother, the Best Man)
1973 Oliver! Mr Sowerberry
1973 Oliver! Street-Vendor
1972 The House by the Lake Maurice
1972 Soiree Musicale The family
1972 Happiest Days Of Your Life Godfrey Pond, Headmaster of Hilary Hall
1971 The Bride and the Bachelor Jason Kilpatrick
1971 Bonaventure Willy Pentridge
1971 Sinbad The Sailor Mustapha Sequin (a merchant)
1970 A Murder Has Been Arranged Sir Charles jasper
1970 Mystery At Blackwater Sir Percival Glyde, her husband
1969 Blithe Spirit Charles
1968 Rock-A-Bye, Sailor Carnoustie Bligh, A.B.
1968 A Letter From The General Captain Lee
1968 Running Riot Humphrey Podmore
1967 Goodnight, Mrs Puffin Henry Fordyce
1967 This Happy Breed Frank Gibbons
1967 Post Horn Gallop Chester Dreadnought
1966 Watch It, Sailor Carnoustie Bligh, A.B.
1966 Little Red Riding Hood The Baron
1965 Waters Of The Moon Julius Winterhalter
1965 Cinderella The Lord High Chancellor
1964 Mansfield Park Edmund Bertram
1964 Over The Gate (A Show For You) Performed by
1964 It'S A Hard Life (A Show For You) Performed by
1964 When We Are Married Alderman Joseph Helliwell
1964 The Geese Are Getting Fat Clive Wyndham
1963 Monologue - Old Jim (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Low Finance (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Emma Mr. Knightley
1963 Aladdin Abanazar (A Magician)
1962 Distinguished Gathering Felix Montague
1962 To Kill A Cat Jessop Crawley
1962 Dick Whittington Captain Bilge
1961 Haul For The Shore Richard Pengelly (Jem's nephew)
1961 Dry Rot Alfred Tubbe
1961 Jack and the Beanstalk Mr. Chips (his assistant)
1960 Ten Little Niggers Philip Lombard
1960 Hawk Island Gregory Sloane
1960 Puss In Boots Blow (Page-in-Waiting)
1960 Puss In Boots Mick (Rollo's Elder Brother)
1959 The Middle Watch Commander Baddeley (Royal Navy)
1959 Sinbad The Sailor Mustapha Sequin (a Merchant)
1959 Murder On The Nile Simon Mostyn
1958 Baa Baa Black Sheep Hugo Bonsor
1958 The Hollow John Cristow, M.D., F.R.C.P.
1958 The Babes In The Wood Skribb (his Steward)
1957 Sit Down A Minute Adrian Edward Fletcher (Adrian's Secretary)
1957 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here Michael Fuller
1957 Aladdin Abanazar (A Magician)
1956 Dick Whittington George, 1st Yokel
1956 Dick Whittington Jack (Idle Apprentice)
1956 Waters Of The Moon Julius Winterhalter
1955 Charley's Aunt (Act II) Jack Chesney
1955 Gypsy Encampment performed by
1955 Moment Romantique performed by
1954 The White Sheep Of The Family Sam Jackson
1953 The Shop At Sly Corner Robert Graham
1953 Hay Fever Simon Bliss
1953 Aladdin Abanazar (A Magician)
1952 The Poltergeist Joe Harris
1952 Jack & The Beanstalk Mr. Chips (his Assistant)
1952 Nothing But The Truth Bob Bennett
1951 Cinderella Dandini
1951 This Happy Breed Billy
1951 Baa Baa Black Sheep Hugo Bonsor
1951 Cinderella Dandini
1950 Distinguished Gathering C.D.Williams
1950 Dick Whittington Bailiff
1950 Dick Whittington The Executioner
1950 Dick Whittington Sailor
1949 Murder By Request Shabby Young Man
1949 A Flat and A Sharp Inspector Goffin
1949 I Have Five Daughters Charle Bingley
1948 The Man Who Stayed At Home Christopher Brent

Behind the scenes

Leigh has worked behind the scenes of these productions.

Year Show Role
1975 The Orchard Walls Director
1974 Dear Octopus Director
1972 Soiree Musicale Flute