Murder By Request

by T.H.Pearce & R.S.Knights

Director/Producer - -unknown-

The Lady - Bessie Lamprell

Her Daughter - Beryl Orders

The other Lady - Hylda Darby

Her Husband - Harold Smith

Courting Couple - Betty Dalton

Courting Couple - John Brown

The Policeman - Richard Bird

Shabby Young Man - Leigh Smith

Servant-Girl - Joan Elding

A Flat and A Sharp

by Ian Hay

Director/Producer - -unknown-

Hall Porter - Richard Bird

Mrs. Tilney - Bessie Lamprell

Nancy Tilney - Betty Dalton

Stella Tilney - Beryl Orders

Amos Murgatroyd - Harold Smith

Jane Murgatroyd - Joan Elding

George Tilney - John Brown

Trixie De Lacey - Hylda Darby

Jerry Joy - Arthur Caines

Inspector Goffin - Leigh Smith

Sir Beverley Brigstocke - Chris Smith

Circumstances and weather permitting, an afternoon performance of 'A Flat and A Sharp' was to be given.