Puss In Boots

by Conrad Carter and Trudy West

Director - Hylda Darby

Piano - Lilian Bennett

Rollo (A Miller's son) - Ann Smith

Puss (his Cat) - Peter Henson

Mick (Rollo's Elder Brother) - Leigh Smith

Mack (Rollo's Elder Brother) - Peter Rowley

Princess Pam (The King's Daughter) - Anne Caines

Miss Decorum (the Princess's Governess and Chaperone) Principal of the Palace Academy of Culture - Gerald Collins

King Orus - Harold Smith

Puffem (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) - Brian Beeston

Bother (Page-in-Waiting) - Peter Rowley

Blow (Page-in-Waiting) - Leigh Smith

Tickle-Me (a pretty Maid-in-Waiting) - Susan Taylor

The Giant Krunchbones (a wicked Ogre) - Arthur Caines

The Major Domo (at the Ogre's Castle) - Kenneth Stephenson

The Mayor - Arthur Caines

Town Clerk - Robert Edgson

Mace Bearer - John Claridge

Old Man - Kenneth Stephenson

Old Woman - Beryl Orders

Girl - Jennifer Sanders

Yokel - Helen Darby

Other parts - Jennifer Sanders

Other parts - Christine Lynn

Other parts - Gillian Irwin

Other parts - Helen Darby

Other parts - Pamela Hitchinson

Other parts - Barbara Wooderson

Other parts - Jackie Ingram

Other parts - Diane O'Connor