Gerald Collins

Gerald Collins

Member from 1948 to present

Appearances as cast

Gerald has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
1969 Haul For The Shore The Rev. Leslie Fox (Vicar of Tremarran Cove)
1968 Rock-A-Bye, Sailor Robin Stebbington
1967 Post Horn Gallop Mr. Capone
1966 Watch It, Sailor Lieut.-Commander Hardcastle, R.N.
1966 Little Red Riding Hood Mrs. Hubbard
1965 Waters Of The Moon Robert Lancaster
1965 Man Alive Mr. Wembley
1965 Cinderella Mopsa, Step-Sister
1964 Songs For You (A Show For You) Performed by
1964 When We Are Married Rev. Clement Mercer
1963 Players' Quips (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Aladdin Widow Twankey
1963 Emma Mr. Weston
1963 Opening Number Act I (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Opening Number Act II (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Don't Dilly Dally (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1963 Finale (Fete's Finale) Performed by
1962 Distinguished Gathering Major 'Runty' Pearson
1962 To Kill A Cat Whitten
1962 Dick Whittington Pansey, (the cook)
1961 Haul For The Shore Petrock Pook
1961 Dry Rot Fred Phipps
1961 Jack and the Beanstalk Widow Twankey (his mother)
1960 Ten Little Niggers William Blore
1960 Hawk Island Tom Austen
1960 Puss In Boots Miss Decorum (the Princess's Governess and Chaperone) Principal of the Palace Academy of Culture
1959 The Middle Watch Captain Maitland (Royal Navy)
1959 Murder On The Nile Dr. Bessner
1959 Sinbad The Sailor Salubria (Sinbad's mother)
1958 Baa Baa Black Sheep Walpole Wyndrum, 3rd. Earl of Tuckleford
1958 The Hollow Sir Henry Angkatell, K.C.B.
1958 The Babes In The Wood Dame Truform (the old Woman who lived in a shoe)
1957 Sit Down A Minute Adrian Nicholas (her husband)
1957 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here Colonel Prescott
1957 Aladdin Widow Twankey
1956 Waters Of The Moon Robert Lancaster
1956 A Lady Mislaid Bullock (Detective)
1956 Dick Whittington Eliza (the Cook)
1955 Charley's Aunt (Act II) Lord Fancourt Babberley (Charley's Aunt)
1954 The White Sheep Of The Family The Vicar
1953 The Shop At Sly Corner Corder Morris
1953 Hay Fever Richard Greatham
1953 Aladdin Widow Twankey
1952 Nothing But The Truth Dick Donnelly
1952 Jack & The Beanstalk Widow Twankey (Jack's mother)
1951 Cinderella Mopsa (step-sister)
1951 This Happy Breed Bob Mitchell
1951 Baa Baa Black Sheep Sergeant Gannett
1951 Cinderella Mopsa (step-sister)
1950 Distinguished Gathering Det. Inspector Rutherford
1950 Candied Peel Dr. Wadd
1949 I Have Five Daughters William Collins
1948 School for Scandal Joseph Surface
1948 The Man Who Stayed At Home Carl Sanderson

Behind the scenes

Gerald has worked behind the scenes of these productions.

Year Show Role
1952 The Poltergeist Director