Little Red Riding Hood

by K. C. Samuel

Director - Hylda Darby

Piano - Millicent Dedman

The Fairy Queen - Pat Beeston

The Witch - Audrey Coates

King Wolf - Wally Durston

Simple Simon - Peter Henson

Red Riding Hood - Anne Henson

The Baron - Leigh Smith

Mrs. Hubbard - Gerald Collins

PC Punch - Johnny Sturman

PC Trunch - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Prince Charming - Ann Smith

Dandy - Sue Brawn

Gamekeeper Wood - Harold Smith

Splinter (the Gamekeeper's Assistant) - Simon Watson

The horse (part of!) - Sue Brawn

The horse (part of!) - Audrey Coates

Chorus - Alison Alfred

Chorus - Elizabeth Grover

Chorus - Susan Clark

Chorus - Caroline Hanson

Chorus - Susan Durston

Chorus - Patricia Keeler

Chorus - Elizabeth Gamble

Chorus - Clare Undy