Dick Whittington

by Trudy West

Director - Hylda Darby

Piano - Lilian Bennett

Kitty, (chief parlourmaid to Fitzwarren) - Jackie Ingram

Frederick, (chief clerk to Fitzwarren) - Richard Onions

Dick Whittington - Ann Smith

Sukie, (the cat) - Chris Smith

Pansey, (the cook) - Gerald Collins

Bottle, (the butler) - Peter Henson

Alderman Fitzwarren, (a merchant) - Harold Smith

Alice, (his daughter) - Pat Wooderson

Percy Pilbeam (a merchant) - Brian Beeston

Ping (attendents to the King & Queen) - Gaynor Glover

Pong (attendents to the King & Queen) - Angela Bolley

Captain Bilge - Leigh Smith

King Banga-Banga (of the Boko Islands) - Martyn Wyatt

Queen Clanga-Clanga (of the Boko Islands) - Angela Onions

Chorus - Michael Leeson

Chorus - Marilyn Sanders

Chorus - Andrea Martin

Chorus - Lesley Uglow

Chorus - Carol Beagley

Chorus - Penny Brookland

Chorus - Janet Walker

Chorus - Alison Craven

Chorus - Gaynor Glover

Chorus - Angela Bolley

A pantomime in three acts.