by Margaret Carter

Director - Lily D Angell

Director - Hylda Darby

The Lord High Chancellor - Harold Smith

Dandini - Leigh Smith

Gita Espanio (A Gypsy) - Betty Dalton

Lady Penelope Plantagather (Neice of Chancellor) - Rosemary Church

Fairy Godmother - Beryl Orders

Buttons (of the Baron's Household) - Ian Mitchell

Fairy Appleblossom - Jenifer Sanders

Fairy Kingcup - Helen Darby

Cinderella (the Baron's Daughter) - Joan Elding

Prince Amozel - Richard Bird

Baron Slightly - John Brown

Mopsa (step-sister) - Gerald Collins

Clorinda (step-sister) - Bessie Lamprell

A Lady of the Court - Jacqueline Share

A Servant - Christopher Smith

Lords & Ladies of the Court - Junior Players

Dancers - Cheney School of Dancing