Quiet Wedding

by Esther McCracken

Director - Hylda Darby

Miranda Bute (a schoolgirl cousin of the Bride) - Judith Howe

Florece Bute (Miranda's mother) - Beryl Orders

Madame Mirelle (a dressmaker) - Dorothy Bentote

Bella - Marjorie Howard

Mildred Royd (the Bride's mother) - Win Brion

Mary Jarrow - Ann Smith

Janet Royd (the Bride-to-be) - Barbara Williams

Arthur Royd (the Bride's father) - Wally Durston

Dallas Chaytor - Peter Henson

Denys Royd (the Bride's brother, the Best Man) - Leigh Smith

John Royd (another brother) - Philip Taylor

Flower Lisle (john's fiancee - Anne Morgans

Marcia Brent (nee Royd) (the Bride's sister) - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Jim Brent (Marcia's husband) - Malcolm Bentote