Dorothy Bentote - Director

Alarms and Leavings

by Michael Frayn

John - Malcolm Bentote

Jocasta - Estelle Dunham

Nicholas - Mark Brown

Nancy - Sue Worker

Look Away Now

by Michael Frayn

Aptly - Arthur Plummer

Charr - Ann Taggart

Bloss - Tag

Stewardess - Barbara Williams


by Michael Frayn

Speaker - Malcolm Bentote

Spott - Emma Kimsey

Much - Blair Taggart

Candle - Graeme Gibaut


by Michael Frayn

Baroness Armament - Win Brion

Heart to Heart

by Michael Frayn

Clifford - Tag

Charmian - Barbara Williams

Peter - Arthur Plummer


by Michael Frayn

Chris - Mark Brown

Nikki - Emma Kimsey

Dietrich - Blair Taggart

Mother - Ann Taggart