Ann Taggart

Ann Taggart

Member from 1985 to present


I probably started about 1985 when Ann Sykes asked me to make teas. Hylda Darby was always on at me to go on the stage. My favourite part was 'Hanky Panky' in Cinderella and I love all the character parts I've been lucky to have been given. I think the best costumes were in My Fair Lady. Everyone is so friendly and always there when you need them.

Appearances as cast

Ann has appeared in these productions.

Year Show Role
2018 It's Behind You! Cast member
2015 Mad Bess Mad Bess Villager
2013 Trivial Pursuits Mona
2013 Day Trippers Beryl
2011 What Brutes Men Are Mildred
2009 War Girls Player
2009 The Recruitments Player
2009 Dancers Betty
2008 Seventy Five Glorious Years Player
2008 The Man on the Floor Mrs. Sitgood
2007 In By The Half Doris
2006 Just Between Ourselves Vera, his wife
2006 After September Mrs Godfrey (Vi - Cook & Cleaner)
2004 Mother Figure Rosemary
2001 Immobiles Mother
2001 Look Away Now Charr
2000 Cinderella Panky
1999 I'll Get My Man Josephine de Brissac
1998 Man Alive Miss Butterworth
1998 Forsyte Saga Guest
1998 The Wizard Of Oz First Witch
1997 When We Are Married Lottie Grady
1997 Song, Style & Supper Player
1996 Aladdin Guard/Citizen/Chorus