What Brutes Men Are

by Constance Cox

Director - Graeme Gibaut

Mildred - Ann Taggart

Janet - Estelle Dunham

Carol - Bieneke Barwick

Linda - Barbara Williams

Monologues and Sketches

by The Players

Washing Dishes - Lionel Williams

Just In Case - Win Brion

What's In a Name? - Ritchard Tysoe

What's In a Name? - Katherine Plummer

They Should Have Asked My Husband - Jo Williams

Gooseberry - Malcolm Bentote

Gooseberry - Dorothy Bentote

A Bricklayer's Tale - Graeme Gibaut

Orgy & Less - Mark Kimsey

Orgy & Less - Duncan Sykes

Code Of The West

by The Players

Chairman/Poet - Sue Worker

Nell - Diane Maltz

Big Boss Kincaid - Brian Beeston

Jack Pitt - Ritchard Tysoe

Miss Jenny - Alison Marshall

Mayor of Fate - Malcolm Bentote

Big Dick - David Bowers