by Win Brion

Director - Judith Howe

Musical Director - Margaret Howe

Aladdin, a lazy lad - Sue Worker

Widow Twankey, his adoring mother - Philip Williams

Wishee Washee, her laundry boy - Martin Mansell

Abanazar, a wicked wizard - Tag

Emperor of China, a royal presence - Arthur Plummer

Princess Souchong, his lovely young daughter - Katy Grant

Lady Lapsang, her lady-in-waiting - Dorothy Bentote

Grand Vizier, the Emperor's right hand man - Brian Beeston

Slave of the Ring, a helpful character - Emma Kimsey

Genie of the Lamp, an even more helpful character - David Higgs

A Peking Duck, a winsome waddler - Terry Wigington

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Bridget Allen

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Simon Bolley

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Mark Brown

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Pam Brown

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Tim Bryan

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Iris Castles

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Vicki Doolin

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Janet Ford

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Pat Harper

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Emily Hennessey

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Alison Marshall

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Robin Howe

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Michael Plummer

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Ann Taggart

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Blair Taggart

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Lauren Waller

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Sarah Waller

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Barbara Williams

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - Amy Williams

Guard/Citizen/Chorus - David Williams