Enchanted April

by Mathew Barber (novel by Elizabeth von Arnim)

Director - Valerie Clarke

Lotty Wilton - Emma Kimsey

Mellersh Wilton - Malcolm Bentote

Rose Arnott - Sue Worker

Frederick Arnott - Duncan Sykes

Caroline Bramble - Marian Lally

Antony Wilding - Mark Kimsey

Mrs Graves - Dorothy Bentote

Constanza - Barbara Williams

Maid - Alison Marshall

Lady of Hampstead - Claire Bishop

Gentlemen of Hampstead - John Chrzczonowicz

Lady of Hampstead - Estelle Dunham

Gentlemen of Hampstead - Graeme Gibaut

Lady of Hampstead - Gwenllian Leach

Lady of Hampstead - Diane Maltz

Gentlemen of Hampstead - Roy Oldfield

Lady of Hampstead - Ann Sykes


Scene 1: London ladies' club
Scene 2: Lotty Wilton's home
Scene 3: Rose Arnott's home
Scene 4: A Church
Scene 5: Caroline Bramble's home
Scene 6: Mrs Graves' home
Scene 7: Antoney Wilding's flat
Scene 8: Wilton's and Arnott's home
Scene 9: Train compartment

Mezzago, Italy

Lotty has a vision of a holiday in Italy with Rose, away from London, the rain and her somewhat over-bearing husband. Lotty sees them in an Italian villa and sets about making it happen. Don't we wish we could follow our dreams? The journey is not easy but it is rewarding.

This is a play about rediscovery, love and hope, based on a novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, writen in 1922, Seventy years later Enchanted April was made into a film, starring Josie Lawrence and Miranda Richardson as the leads, with a well-known cast including Joan Plowright. Subsequently it was adapted for the stage by Mathew Barber and was first produced in America in 2003