The Heartless Princess

by Franklyn Black

Director - Jean Jungreuthmayer

Leonard, a very clever fox - Derek Allcock

Digit, an unwilling footman - Duncan Sykes

Nanny, a good soul, Allegra's faithful nurse - Barbara Williams

Princess Allegra, a charming Princess, the King's daughter - Judith Howe

Prince Alexis of Lorena, a handsome Prince, Allegra's fiance - Philip Williams

King Codling of Knut, an absent-minded King - Bob Hopson

The Chancellor, a pompous administrator - Malcolm Bentote

The Duchess of Potassia, an ugly Duchess, second cousin once removed to the King - Anne Morgans

Lady Amy, a faded lady, companion to the Duchess - Beryl Orders

Mary, a pretty chambermaid - Angela Dew

Cawder, a raven - Sarah Allcock