Man of the Moment

by Alan Ayckbourn

Director - Emma Kimsey

Jill Rillington - Charlotte Kimsey

Trudy - Marian Lally

Kenny Collins - David Bowers

Ruy - Tag

Douglas Beechey - Mark Kimsey

Vic Parks - Duncan Sykes

Cindy - Sofia Zachpoulos-Butler

Sharon Giffin - Gwenllian Leach

Marta - Estelle Dunham

Ashley Barnes - Alison Wyatt

Sharon - Claire Bishop

Vic - Garry Marshall

Trudy - Valerie Clarke

Douglas - Dan Bishop

Marta - Diane Maltz

Kenny - John Chrzczonowicz

Ruy - Graeme Gibaut

Jill's film crew - The Players

Setting: The action take place in the patio/pool area of Vic and Trudy's Mediterranean Villa

Act I - One day Recently.

Act II - Later that same afternoon

First performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough, 10th August 1988.

Subsequently presented by Michael Codron at the Globe Theatre, London on 14th Feruary 1990.